1-Description of sb3 file and mp file in Mind+

Because the sb3 file saved by Mind+ has more building blocks and upload mode and Python mode than the standard scratch, it adopts the unique file structure of mind+, so it cannot be opened normally in the standard scratch.
so Mind+ Starting from the new version V1.7.3 has a built-in converter and defaults the new file suffix Change it to .mp for distinction, and explain it here.

2-Export Mind+ projects directly to standard sb3 files

The new version of Mind+ can select Save Type as scratch(.sb3) in the online mode New Project Save or Save As, at this time MInd+ will remove the standard scratch not supported The building blocks, adjust the save format to sb3, and then import it directly in the standard scratch.

Note: The standard scratch only has the function of the stage in online mode, and the support of the main control board, offline mode and python mode are not supported, so only the online mode has the conversion function.
Note: If you use mind+ unique building blocks, you will be prompted to delete them when saving as. Please make sure that you have not used the unique building blocks before exporting.

3-open sb3 file

Any version of Mind+ can directly open sb3 files (standard sb3 or sb3 of the old version of MInd+).

4-The new version of the mp file can be opened on the old version of Mind+

Because the mp file of the new version of Mind+ (with mind+ specific building blocks) only modifies the suffix and does not modify the file structure, so you can directly modify the file suffix to .sb3, and then it can be opened in the old version of Mind+.
Note: The sb3 file after modifying the file suffix can be opened on mind+, but it cannot be opened on scratch.if needs to be opened on scratch. Refer to the instructions in Section 2 of this article.

What blocks are not available in standard scratch?

in Online mode, and the five building blocks as shown in the picture below cannot be used. In addition, the functions in the extended library except "Pen", "Music", "Video Sensing", "EV3", "WeDo2.0" ,"GBOOST" cannot be used.