To all our volunteer translators, many thanks for your contribution! MindPlus is becoming more and more user-friendly and globally accepted because of your help and passion. Mind+ team are looking forward to grow strong along with you.

The language being translated

List of translators:

Note: If you have made a translation contribution and are not on the list, please contact us via email.
Note: In addition English and Chinese, other languages are translated by Mind+ fans.

Mind+ provides a quick preview of multi-language translations, so you can easily assist us with translations.

How to translation?


  1. Download and Install Mind+(The version is not less than 1.6.6).(click here)
  2. Download the language file.(Latest:1.7.1)(click here) or [github link]


Open the Mind+ installation directory, create a new file called loadLanguage.txt, do not need to enter the content, then re-open Mind+, you will find a new feature added in the settings interface.
This feature is only available in version 1.5.6 or later.