To all our volunteer translators, many thanks for your contribution! This product is becoming more and more user-friendly and globally accepted because of your help and passion. Mind+ team are looking forward to grow strong along with you.

The language being translated

List of translators:

Note: If you have made a translation contribution and are not on the list, please contact us via email.
Note: In addition to Chinese, other languages are translated by Mind+ fans.

Mind+ provides a quick preview of multi-language translations, so you can easily assist us with translations.



  1. Download and Install Mind+(The version is not less than 1.5.6).(click here)
  2. Download the language file.(click here) or [github link]


Open the Mind+ installation directory, create a new file called loadlanguage.txt, do not need to enter the content, then re-open Mind+, you will find a new feature added in the settings interface.
This feature is only available in version 1.5.6 or later.


Open the downloaded language file,now we modify one of the words, such as modifying the project to hello, and then save.

Next, Upload Attachment.

You will see the effect immediately!

You already know how to change it, and then you can modify everything until you are satisfied.
Please note that this modification is only a temporary modification and will be restored after restarting the software. - Note: Some of these special symbols such as %1 and spaces, **please keep their format**, do not modify. - Note: Preview the effect every time you change a few words to avoid errors and can't be found. ### Submit Once you have made all the changes, please send us the language file, we will update to the final released software, so that everyone can enjoy your results.